Dave Roberts, the founder of Forever Charlton is also the founder of the MRSA website MRSA Watch which has had over 4.5 million page views to date. Dave is an independent researcher whose main research can be found at what some people call the staff infection web site .

MRSA Infection is sometimes called MRSA Virus or the MRSA Superbug, but it is actually a bacteria. Viruses need a host. Bacteria can survive on many surfaces for several weeks
The following terms are some times used to refer to MRSA and the links here will take you to more detail – mrsa staff, staph infection, mrsa staph, staff mrsa, , msra, or mrsa diseaseStaph, staph aureus and staph infection are also used but there are many types of staphylococcus infection and varying degrees of drug resistance so MRSA strictly speaking refers to a drug resistant strain known  as methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus . Other common phrases include mrsa infection, infection mrsa.

The most widely used MRSA drug is vancomycin.  Infections are increasingly becoming resistant to it which is leading to what is known as VRSA

Dave is also editing a new site about the Apple iPad called iPad Users